……. the forces or properties that stimulate growth, development, or change within a system or process.

Providing tangible business benefits for suppliers, HUB Connect is the best online source of information about your company that E&P Companies are actually looking at. Promote all of your products and services and respond to bid requests.

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“The Leadstone Group of companies have been very helpful with exposure and we continue to grow more and more that way.  I would highly recommend using Oilfield HUB.  I also believe that our gains from partnering up with the HUB are just getting started.”


Shaun – General Manager

“We were very pleased to work with the team at Oilfield HUB.  It’s nice to see a cohesive team and company that works as hard as we do servicing their clients.  We pride ourselves with our service levels and love working with companies that do the same.  It’s a great experience working with a company that is O&G focused and promotes the industry to the best of their ability.”


Tiffany – President

“Because of Oilfield HUB many of our customers and potential clients have learned quite a bit more about our equipment and company itself.  Our cover story and feature article in Oilfield PULSE has given most of them a better engagement and comfort level with our equipment and with our company.  We have received quite a few congratulations and quite a few ‘hey that was neat, I learned something new.’ That’s been very positive.  It always resonates more when there’s a third party like the HUB that has created something and is publicizing something as part of their product about my product.”


Chris – Director

“I think in the oil patch today it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you have to show people that you’re making roots.  Otherwise you look like you’re stagnant and it’s not so interesting to get on board, so what we’re doing with Oilfield HUB, Oilfield PULSE and PULSE Interactive is really showing people that we’re being aggressive towards business and because of your help our vendors are also noticing that we’re establishing a brand.”


Trevor – VP Operations

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