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Your Access Point to the Exclusive HUB Business Network!

As a user in Procurement HUB you understand the benefits of being
directly connected to your customers 24/7 through your freemium HUB Profile.

But how can the HUB help you grow in size, increase your revenues and attract more customers?

Expose and promote your company to all of our Buyer HUB
clients in Procurement HUB, not just the ones who invited you in!

HUB Microsites have three real-time views for subscribed Suppliers:


Displays to potential customers or existing clients using your public URL. Embed the URL in your emails, social media, or website etc. in an image or using our HUB Backlink to further your marketing efforts.

HUB Business Network

Accessible to all Buyer HUB clients across the Procurement HUB Business Network. Every subscribed Buyer HUB client can view this real-time HUB Microsite while logged into the HUB.

Customer Supply Network

Focused specifically for your customers in the HUB who requested you complete an SSP – Activation Request. Target market directly to the people you already do business with, giving them a tailored message.

Our customers go to the HUB everyday to optimize their vendor relationships and better manage and centralize their procurement.

When Buyer HUB clients are looking for:


Their first stop will be the HUB!

If they don’t have a current vendor who provides what they are looking for, they have immediate access to every Supplier who has a HUB Microsite to add them to a Vendor List, include them in Sourcing Requests and find out more information about their company, people and products all through their HUB Microsite.

Premium Service Module

HUB Microsites are a paid Premium Service Module within Procurement HUB. It is an additional arrow in your
marketing quiver to raise your profile and get promoted and noticed both inside and outside the HUB.

Experience the Value and Benefits of:

Connecting directly to your customers
Getting more clients
Closing more sales
Enhancing your marketing efforts

If you want to utilize the full power of Procurement HUB, upgrade to a HUB Microsite today!

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In the meantime, please fill out our form by clicking on the button below and we will be in touch to get you set up!

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